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Why Private Tutoring is Cost Effective

by / Saturday, 01 March 2014 / Published in Blog, Education

Most students require some help along the way in their academic careers and this is where tutors can accommodate. At Aria Tutoring Academy students of elementary, middle, high schools and college students can benefit from private tutoring sessions offered at privacy of their homes. There are many reasons why tutoring can help students succeed in school when their teacher or professor can’t.

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•          In California, teacher cut-backs has resulted in increasing class sizes  In an oversized classroom setting, it is not possible for students to receive individualized attention; however, in a tutoring session the student gets all the attention and shares it with no one. When the tutor is tutoring only one pupil, that student feels obliged to focus and understand the lesson. In a classroom, however, a student can easily lose focus and daydream. The focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom.




            •          Every student is unique in the way he or she processes, stores, and recalls information. Instructors teach in very general ways that is supposed to cater to the majority of students. However, a private tutor can focus on a student’s particular strengths and weaknesses and monitor his or her thought process and give instructions in the most optimal way.



                        •          Tutoring may be requested as often as the requirement occurs. In every students academic career he or she may sometimes require a couple of hours of tutoring per week and at times many hours consecutively. One of the advantages of private tutoring is that the hours of tutoring may be adjusted at different time of students academic year. For instance a students may meet with a tutor weekly, but when he/she has an upcoming test ,midterm or final exam, extra sessions may be scheduled to help the student be fully prepared.



            •          Unlike classroom lectures with tutoring, there would be no waste of time, no repetition, and no boring lessons on areas where the students is already fully familiar with. Tutoring aims students areas of weakness directly and addresses the concerns of each individual student differently according to their needs.




            •          Unlike previous generation, most elementary, middle and high school students live in homes where both parents have to work. Without any help from parents kids today need a new form of assistance in order to excel.