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Matthew Aria
Founder & Head Tutor
Aria Tutoring Academy

by / Saturday, 01 March 2014 / Published in Blog, Education, Parenting

Matthew Aria is the Founder and Head Tutor of Aria Tutoring Academy. In his early 20`s he began pursuing a career in automobile industry. After 5 years of successful career as a finance manager Matthew realized that without proper education, he wouldn`t be able to use his full potentials and advance his career further. Therefore after being out of school for over 7 years, he decided to pursue higher education and began his college journey at the age of 25. In no time he quit his high paying management position and began committing his entire time to education. He enrolled at Los Angeles Pierce College and got a part time job at a Pizza Hut, delivering pizza to make a living. .

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His passion for education grew exponentially as he constantly excelled in every class he attended. Ever since his childhood he was known for his exceptional talent in mathematics, and later in high school in physics and science based subjects. He was surprised to find out that not only his talent in those subjects had not lessen, but with a more mature mind he had even much deeper intuition in all academic subjects. Within two years, while constantly being on Dean`s List and President`s list, he completed over 120 semester unites at Pierce College.  Meanwhile he started tutoring math and physics to other classmates and schoolmates part time to make some extra money. It was then when he began to realize that he was as gifted in teaching and transferring his knowledge to others as he was in learning those subjects. Students responded to Matthew`s unique teaching abilities. Matthew quit his pizza delivery job and became a full time tutor. It was time for Matt to transfer to a 4 year university. After some research on which majors fit his potentials best, he decided to major in Electrical Engineering. He chose University of California Los Angeles for his undergraduate education. He continued working as a tutor while taking heavy loads of classes. By the second quarter of his second year at UCLA he was done with his program.  But his passion for education did not allow him to stop right then. Due to his excellent performance in his undergraduate program, he got a guaranteed admission to graduate program of electrical engineering at UCLA. With his bachelor of science in hand and months to wait for next year academic year to begin his graduate study, he started working for Southern California Edison, and took on the position and responsibility of monitoring power distribution in all southern california. But the longer he worked as an electrical engineer, the more he disliked working 9 hour office shifts and being trapped in a cubical. The impression he got from electrical engineering resulted in his change of mind about his future career. Matt researched about other fields of engineering and concluded that civil engineering is much more fun, and that he would not have to spend all day in an office. By the beginning of next academic year, he decided to change his application for master program from electrical engineering to civil engineering. Having no back ground in civil engineering, Matthew was taking a big risk by rejecting his guarantee admission to graduate program of electrical engineering. Also the deadlines for civil engineering graduate program application was long passed. Fortunately due to Matthew`s exceptional undergraduate performance, UCLA department of civil engineering gave him admission to their masters program. But due to Matt`s lack of background in civil engineering, UCLA forfeited all the financial assistance  and fellowship privileges that they had priorly offered him in electrical engineering. It was then when Matthew decided to expand his tutoring career. By that time Matthew was well known among college and high school students as a professional and exceptional tutor. Soon his demand exceeded his availability. So Matthew set out on a mission to find other qualified tutors. After attending UCLA`s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science for 4 years Matt had no problem finding dozens of qualified tutors from other graduate and PhD students in engineering, mathematics and medical school of UCLA. But being a good teacher is not only about the extend of a teacher`s knowledge. After years of tutoring experience Matthew knew exactly what it would take to become a super tutor. So he started to train tutors who could do more than just teaching academic and testing material. Matthew finished his graduate study in winter of 2013. With a bachelor degree in electrical engineering, minored in mathematics, master in civil engineering, and over 6 years of tutoring experience, Matthew maintained pursuing his passion in tutoring. With over a hundred students and dozens of over qualified tutors, Matt established his tutoring company, Aria Tutoring Academy, and began to form an official team of super tutors. Ever since then Aria Tutoring Academy has been one of the most elite group of professional tutors in the business. Our highly educated and motivated tutors would break the mold and be nothing short of inspirational, warm and nurturing individuals with extraordinary communication skills.


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